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Call for Abstracts: Vortragsreihe HS 23 "Friend or Foe? Artificial Intelligence as a Challenge for Society"

Das Thema der dritten Campus Oerlikon Vortragsreihe lautet "Friend or Foe? Artificial Intelligence as a Challenge for Society". Sie findet an drei Abenden im Herbstsemester 2023 statt.

Submission deadline: 12th June 2023
Presentation type: oral presentations (15 minutes talk plus 10 minutes discussion)
Event dates: Wednesday, 27/09/2023; Tuesday, 24/10/2023, Monday, 20/11/2023
Time: 16.00 – 17.45 (followed by an apéro)
Venue: Campus Oerlikon (AFL, AND, BIN)
Event language: English  

The Campus Oerlikon lecture series organized for the third time in the fall semester 2023 aims to explore and discuss topics from different disciplinary perspectives. This year’s topic is on AI. The target audience are UZH members, interested staff members of companies surrounding Campus Oerlikon and local residents. The lecture series provides insights into different research projects and research activities at Campus Oerlikon, contributes to good networking among UZH-based researchers and opens possibilities for cross-disciplinary exchange and collaboration. The event also helps to increase the visibility of the research location “Campus Oerlikon” within the UZH and the local community in Oerlikon.  Topic Friend or Foe? Artificial Intelligence as a Challenge for Society Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly penetrating large parts of our society and thereby impacts our daily lives. Chat bots like ChatGPT, autonomous cars or military drones, systems enabling automated medical diagnoses are just a few prominently discussed examples. But what constitutes artificial intelligence? How exactly does it benefit our society and what dangers does it pose? Which decisions should we leave to it, and who takes responsibility for them?  The Campus Oerlikon lecture series in the HS 2023 approaches these and other questions on the role played by AI. It aims to explore the various ways in which it is transforming our society, economy, and culture, as well as the challenges and opportunities that it presents for individuals, communities, and institutions. In this context, we welcome contributions that critically examine the ethical, social, psychological, and economic implications of AI, including its impact on employment, privacy, security, and social justice. We also encourage talks that address the role of AI in shaping public opinion, political discourse, and decision-making processes as well as the way we are doing research.   We invite doctoral researchers, postdocs and professors from the various disciplines based at the Campus Oerlikon (e.g., computer science, computer linguistics, sociology, political science, film studies, communication and media research, psychology, economics, social anthropology and cultural studies) to present their work related to AI.  

Please submit your title and abstract (max. 500 words) to